Yanush Cherkis


Yanush Cherkis is a deep listener, collaborator, and builder. He coaches by
exploring individual’s life as a whole from both professional and personal
sides. He is committed to co-creating a healthy balance of results and
meaning. Yanush is capable of holding space as a trusted advisor which is the
key to his clients’ breakthroughs and ultimately their successes.

Yanush is committed to his core values: authenticity, 100% responsibility,
inner and outer congruency, and accountability. He likes to work with
organizations and individuals who are interested in contributing beyond
themselves and who are committed to improving the lives of others.

In his 20+ year career, Yanush has held roles of CFO, COO, co-founder,
investor, and strategic advisor. Some of his business accomplishments include:
growing a company from start-up to a profitable multi-million dollar global
operation with 60+ employees to a successful M&A exit at a SAS company that
created a new segment of working adults; managing a $200mm venture
portfolio of private and public investments at JP Morgan Partners; and building
highly effective teams of finance, operations, and customer support

Yanush is a CPA and holds dual MBAs from Haas Business School at Berkeley
and Columbia University in New York City. He is passionate about mentoring
young entrepreneurs and volunteers at his kids’ elementary school. He loves a
pair of cool socks, a good read, a bike ride, and a meaningful conversation.