Kristin Price


Kristin Price is a champion for human beings getting to be human. In all the works she does, she leads with authenticity, communication, and connection. With over 10 years spent studying, practicing and modeling interpersonal communication, she specializes in developing leaders in soft skills that are often overlooked – and integral – to effective leadership. She partners with clients to build confidence, gain clarity of their unique leadership style, understand and reduce anxiety and imposter syndrome, and develop communication skills.

Kristin is a graduate of Accomplishment Coaching, an International Coaching Federation accredited coach training program, served as a mentor coach leading coach training with Accomplishment Coaching, and has done extensive personal and professional development. She has comprehensive training in interest-based negotiations and interpersonal communication, skills she honed while working in First Nation rights negotiations across British Columbia. Her work included creating a conflict resolution course for leaders to learn best practices in how to create win-win outcomes, facilitating negotiations, and having difficult conversations to reach a resolution. Kristin has a Bachelor of Arts degree in History with a minor in Applied Ethics with a focus on minority rights from the University of Victoria.

Her commitment to exploration and living life has taken her to all corners of the globe, including volunteering at a marine conservation society in Honduras, solo backpacking trips, testing her limits with a no-cage shark dive in Fiji, summiting an active volcano on a 3-day hike in Indonesia, learning to surf on the Hawaiian north