Imagine what you could create with …
Six-months of support for purpose-driven leaders –
to nourish both you and your business

• Expert coaching with proven resources & tested practices to develop your leadership mastery

• Consistent support in a space that welcomes your biggest challenges and your boldest desires

• A potent circle of purpose-driven leaders you can access from anywhere:
Trusted peers who share: uncensored experience,
unbiased support and unparalleled
opportunities for growth

What You Will Achieve

You will have clarity on your vision – and feel connected to your deepest “why.”
You will become much more resilient, energized and calm, regardless of the circumstances.
You will spend more time in the mindset to create whatever results you want – in your life, your business and your impact.

You will feel confident about developing the key relationships for your impact, including with your team, investors, and key partners.

You will have assessed your many stakeholders and have the strategy and skills for leveraging their different strengths & resources

You will have tools for effectively making decisions regarding the polarities pulling at your attention and your strategy – such as:
·     Profitability and market share
·     Values and scale
·     Profitability and social impact
·     Competing with others and collaborating in your ecosystem
·     Short term revenue and long term growth
You will know your personal path to scale.
You will effectively leverage the power and potential of
your unique leadership mastery

7 Pillars for Leadership Mastery:
Sustain & Scale Your Impact

Vision: You’ve been pitching for a while, and maybe could tell your story in your sleep.  But you may no longer feel as connected to your personal reason for starting your venture, or may not have taken the time to tap into your deepest motivations as your business has evolved. Together, we’ll have you connected to your deepest “why” in a way that will energize your efforts and serve as a guidepost for your growth.

Personal Strategy: We will develop a simple yet impactful strategy for you to show up, day in and day out, as the leader your mission requires – and with the energy to sustain you. Leveraging a research-based leadership assessment that has been taken by over 70,000 leaders globally, you’ll reflect on your own leadership and receive comprehensive feedback from your stakeholders to discover your strengths and your growth edges. Armed with those insights, other self-assessments, and an integrated model for leadership development, together you’ll build your personal development leadership plan. The plan will include habits and rituals that support and renew you on a regular basis and will build your resilience, including your ability to be creative (instead of reactive) when it matters most – even in the midst of conflict.

Mindsets: Through your bi-monthly Self-Coaching Report and the ongoing coaching from Jeanine and your peers, you will overcome the fears and doubts that are holding you back and create a new understanding of your capacity as a leader that will sustain you as you scale.

Team & Culture: You will identify the key relationships you need to foster and receive feedback and tools to build a comprehensive partnership map.  Leveraging skills you hone in the group coaching calls, you will feel confident about your skills to engage in the difficult conversations, build and leverage the key relationships, and create a culture in which you and your mission thrive.

Strategy & Scale We’ll leverage research-based tools (such as polarity mapping) and insights for creating the impact you envision by honing your long term strategy, developing your critical partnerships, discovering dashboards you need to track progress and communicate effectively with your investors, and uncover the steps needed to measure, communicate and scale your impact.

Community Your cohort in the Salon is a circle of trusted peers that you can access from anywhere and who share uncensored experience and unbiased support. This community will provide valuable feedback and a safe place to share your boldest dreams and biggest challenges.  The quality of our leadership depends on the quality of our conversations – our capacity to engage in difficult conversations, provide and receive feedback, connect, and influence. The Salon will be a place to hone those skills.

Expert Coaching As a leader you recognize the limitations of leaning on your investors, Board, staff, and various advisors with their often disparate advice and you know there is a limit to relying on friends and family. Jeanine provides that needed expert coaching – invested only in your growth and success, with years of experience, proven resources and tested practices. Your impact requires your growth and Jeanine will consistently ask you the questions that invite you into your next level of leadership.


“The Leadership Mastery Group has given me the opportunity to create a community with entrepreneurs and changemakers I really respect. Getting their opinion and perspective on organizational challenges we’re facing has been super impactful. Besides just giving me a space to discuss challenges, the salon has been focused on problem solving strategies. Further, hearing from other leaders has allowed me to discover leadership voids in my own organization and attempt to step up and fill those voids. There has been a real focus on creating leadership opportunities, rather than a more defensive, reactive mode, which has made a huge difference in our company.”

Robert TerenziCo-Founder Vega Coffee

“It was both a huge relief and an incredible asset to find a group of not just like-minded people, but like-doing people, who completely understood the challenges I was going through as a founder and shared similar fears and goals. Joining together in a facilitated program, designed to build our own skills and self-awareness, dramatically improved my own management techniques, leadership mindset, and relationships with customers.”

Emily StoneCEO/Co-Founder Uncommon Cacao

Details: Your Investment & Commitment

Time Investment: 5 hrs per month  – 2 x 90 minute sessions and 2 hrs for homework

Every Other Week

Group Coaching Calls: Show up prepped and ready because these calls will be focused on your personal challenges and opportunities.  Take detailed notes, apply the lessons, and your leadership will transform.

Self-Coaching: The weeks without Group Calls give space for your reflection, insight, and action. The intention is not to have you dependent on the group, but to build your capacity as a leader and enable you to engage directly with members of the cohort for peer coaching.

24 Hours Before Each Call

Self-Coaching Report:  You’ll update a detailed written Self-Coaching Report 24 hours before every call.  The report will focus, session after session, on deepening your leadership mastery and give you an opportunity to look back and reflect on your progress as a leader.


Group Support:  We will have a private Facebook group where we regularly share successes, challenges, questions and assignments.


Not for leaders who want to make an impact – but for leaders who already are!
Set your 2018 Vision – and then dive in!

Our gift to you is an interview that includes one free coaching session (a value of $500 for private clients) once we have accepted your application. The quick 10 question application helps us use the coaching session to explore what is possible for you in more depth and determine together how the Salon might support you and your impact.

Apply now and receive your free coaching session!

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