If you want to go fast,

go together.

If you want to go far,

go alone.

Co-Lab Leadership Group Philosophy

The striking challenges of our time—such as health care, the environment, education, and poverty—are complex, whether on a local, national, or international scale. Yet all too often we approach these issues with piecemeal, and with efforts (however passionate, intense, and even exhausting) that aren’t sufficient to address the problems at the scale at which they exist. Globalization and technology are exponentially increasing the scope, speed, and interrelatedness of our challenges. With that increasing speed come challenges that are more emergent, and so the capacity to quickly iterate and adapt will be even more essential.

The indispensable ingredient in determining whether we overcome our obstacles and seize the opportunity of these times remains the same as it has been throughout history: leadership. With the rise in complex, interdependent, and emergent challenges, effective change to secure a brighter future will require transformative, collaborative leaders who can effectively lead collaboratively and can create cultures and partnerships that accelerate innovation and scale impact

In this increasingly complex, changing and interdependent environment, the quality of our relationships, of our interpersonal skills, our self awareness and our emotional intelligence not only impacts the level of joy and meaning we receive from our work, but also drives results.
Using research based methodologies, analytical frameworks, and tested practices we empower individual and teams to grow these skills and to confidently lead & collaborate to achieve their desired impact.



To fully live our values, a portion of Co-Lab Leadership Group’s revenue is donated to World Pulse, a social network that connects women worldwide for change. In addition, as a Board Member of World Pulse, Jeanine is actively engaged as a facilitator for a collective impact project that is leveraging the resources of multiple women’s organizations including World Pulse, Rise Up and the Global Fund for Women to pilot a multistakeholder initiative focused on women’s economic empowerment in India. After a year of planning and coordinating with our sister organizations, the Gates Foundation recently granted $2 million to this effort to digitally link women leaders in India.


“Jeanine was recommended to me as a coach who understood tech, lean startups and remote/distributed teams. She guided me through a broad range of complex issues, always helping me find the essence of both the problem, and ways to address it. I was new to coaching and didn’t know what to expect, but after working with Jeanine I feel significantly more confident in my role, how I manage (“up”, as well as “down”), and how to transform blocks into questions and, ultimately, resolutions.”

Peter CollingridgeGlobal Head, Entrepreneurs in Residence, CitiVentures

Jeanine’s natural and genuine way of being is infectious with an audience. Participants at our various events reflected that the exercises Jeanine led helped them share with more authenticity and vulnerability. I was so pleased to see our community connecting from these places and sharing the impact it had on them. Whether at Wisdom Women events, Wisdom 2.0 Business or on the main stage in front of 2000 at Wisdom 2.0, I’m grateful for Jeanine’s grounded and professional presence and that she’s able to bring that to our events with so much heart and insight. She would be a great additional to any event looking to help participants access their own wisdom and authenticity.

Michelle StranskySan Francisco, Conference Director Wisdom 2.0

“It was both a huge relief and an incredible asset to find in the group coaching a group of not just like-minded people, but like-doing people, who completely understood the challenges I was going through as a founder and shared similar fears and goals. Joining together in a facilitated program, designed to build our own skills and self-awareness, dramatically improved my own management techniques, leadership mindset, and relationships with customers.”

Emily StoneCEO/Co-Founder Uncommon Cacao

Jeanine provided me something I could not have found elsewhere- a safe place to put forward my toughest work related challenges with a skilled and empathic listener and facilitator whose business leadership background helps her ask the exact right questions I need to move forward.

Toby Rubin Former CEO, Upstart Lab

The Leadership Mastery Group has given me the opportunity to create a community with entrepreneurs and changemakers I really respect. Getting their opinion and perspective on organizational challenges we’re facing has been super impactful. Besides just giving me a space to discuss challenges, the salon has been focused on problem solving strategies. Further, hearing from other leaders has allowed me to discover leadership voids in my own organization and attempt to step up and fill those voids. There has been a real focus on creating leadership opportunities, rather than a more defensive, reactive mode, which has made a huge difference in our company.”

Robert TerenziCo-Founder Vega Coffee

When I first thought about hiring a coach, it felt like a luxury, something for executives in large corporations only. After a consultation with Jeanine, I realized that coaching and team facilitation can be a valuable resource rather than purely an expense. One-on-one, Jeanine is great at looking at issues from all sides, and giving practical tools and advice to make change. She is able to address and easily traverse topics from personal empowerment to team collaboration and interpersonal communications, from business development to the operations logistics. Jeanine has helped me to pivot from addressing my business and my work reactively to moving forward proactively. She helped my team build on our strengths, communicate more clearly, and focus our energy more strategically. I’ve already started recommending Jeanine to people I know—strong women accomplishing great things on their own, but who could do even more with the right resources.

Laura CrescimanoPrincipal SITELAB urbanstudio, San Francisco

With Jeanine’s coaching I was able to complete the negotiation for a new leadership role more confidence and an effective strategy to reach the package I wanted. In addition to a significant raise, I negotiated 6 months of coaching with Jeanine as part of my package. That was her first bit of wise counsel. Jeanine continues to be an invaluable resource, who helps me step out of the moment and stay on track with a bigger vision of success and satisfaction.

Marci AlboherVP Encore.org/Author of "The Encore Career Handbook.

Jeanine has been a valuable part of the mentor and workshop team for Momentum. Her workshop on negotiation has not only helped our founders but myself as well in understanding the kind of negotiator I am. It’s has been one of our top rated workshops for the last two years and we brought her back for our 3rd batch. In addition to her expertise in negotiation, her background as in-house counsel for mobile startups and the Fortune 500 have been a great asset in helping our mobile focused startup founders understand both sides of the table in negotiating deals. The team is very happy to have her part of the program and hope to have her continued support.

Mario TapiaFounder/Managing Partner at Momentum Venture Partners

Jeanine consistently brings a useful perspective that helps me rethink my approach to problems. I particularly appreciate that she makes connections between thinking and feeling, to hone in on important issues and uncover real possibilities. Since we started working together, I feel more grounded and effective in my work.

Sarah MilsteinNew York, CEO Lean Startup Productions

I truly enjoyed working with Jeanine in our ‚teambuilding for startups‘ workshop. Her ability to instantaneously and authentically connect to a diverse group were very valuable in creating an engaging and productive atmosphere. Jeanine draws from her vast experience and puts an emphasis on application and results. I recommend Jeanine to anyone who looks for a compelling, competent and convincing speaker, facilitator and consultant for team effectivity, leadership and corporate culture. I look forward to continuing the work with Jeanine!

Sebastian SteinbachDevelopment Chair Clean Tech Open
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